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Centre Pompidou acquires Space Loom #1


In 2019 Centre Pompidou acquired Space Loom #1. This work was developed as part of Interlace, textile research, commissioned by Lafayette Anticipations.
This evolutive exhibition showcased live research and production on the theme of weaving. Throughout the three months of the exhibition, three looms—the Space Loom, the Seamless Loom, and the digital TC2 loom—were activated by a range of professional designers working at, or invited by Jongeriuslab.

In the centre of the building, the exhibition tower looked like a monumental loom: threads more than 16m-long were hung in the “sky” of the Foundation to form the warp of Space Loom #1. From the movable platforms, weavers intertwined weft yarns. As the exhibition progressed, volumes and spheres formed 3D woven graphic shapes in space.

The originality of the Space Loom #1 lies not only in its monumentality but also in its design: usually the warp yarns are regular and it is the weft yarns that create the patterns in the textile; here the ancestral hierarchy of the loom has been reversed.

Breathing Colour at the NationalMuseum in Stockholm

Breathing Colour at NationalMuseum

October 17, 2019 - March 1, 2020

In 2017 commissioned by the Design Museum London, the touring exhibition Breathing Colour is now opening on October 17, 2019 at the NationalMuseum Stockholm.

The show is made up of a collection of specially designed objects that demonstrate how our experience of colour and form is affected by changing daylight throughout the course of a day. Just like at its last venue, Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, Hella Jongerius and artist Mathieu Meijers have selected artworks from the collection to accompany and emphasise the three sections: Morning, Noon and Evening.

For more information, please visit www.nationalmuseum.se.

Photo BC

Wallpaper Design Award 2017 for Landscape

Landscape – designed by Hella Jongerius for Danskina – has been selected for the 2017 Wallpaper* Design Award.


2017 Sikkens Prize

Hella Jongerius has been chosen to receive the 2017 Sikkens Prize for her extraordinary work with colour. The ceremony will take place at De Doelen, Rotterdam on March 26.

“Hella Jongerius’ work puts colour centre stage. Never one to follow commercial trends, she has developed a use of colour that is uniquely her own. Jongerius has been researching colour pigments and the connection between colour, fabric and light for years. Her 2011 project The Daylight Wheel is an exceptional example. Through her publications, Jongerius encourages a critical approach towards design practice. Beyond the New - A Search for Ideals in Design (2015), the manifesto she wrote together with Louise Schouwenberg, has become a source of inspiration for designers, promoters and students all over the world.” – Board of the Sikkens Foundation

The internationally renowned prize counts as one of the most important art awards in the Netherlands and has been awarded to Gerrit Rietveld, Le Corbusier, Donald Judd, Bridget Riley and most recently architect David Chipperfield. 

Visit the Sikkens Foundation for more information.

Hella Jongerius: Breathing Colour

28 June – 17 September 2017

We see the world in colour but rarely do we appreciate how colour shapes what we see. Drawing on years of research, designer Hella Jongerius presents Breathing Colour; an installation-based exhibition that takes a deeper look at the way colour behaves, exploring shapes, materials, shadows and reflections. Through a series of phenomenological studies and experiences, the exhibition will make us question one of the most elemental aspects of design. On show at the Design Museum London. Click here for more information.

Daylight Wheel, 2011, Hella Jongerius
Photo credit: Roel van Tour

Beyond the New

Beyond the New


Hella Jongerius & Louise Schouwenberg

Hella Jongerius and Louise Schouwenberg have written a Manifest in which they plea for ideals in design and call upon designers to take the lead in a much-needed change of mentality.

The designer and design theorist criticise the obsession with the New for the sake of the New, and deplore how the discipline lacks an intimate interweaving of the values that once inspired designers, as well as the producers of their ideas: making the highest possible quality accessible to many people. 

From the text:

“What most design events have in common are the presentations of a depressing cornucopia of pointless products, commercial hypes around presumed innovations, and empty rhetoric.”

“It is absurd and arrogant to begin the design process with an empty piece of paper. Cultural and historical awareness are woven into the DNA of any worthwhile product.”

“Know the companies that share your moral and aesthetic values. Know the others too.”

“Count the blessings of industry. Industrial processes have greater potential than low-volume productions of exclusive designs, which reach such a limited market that talk of ‘users’ can hardly be taken seriously. Industries can make high-quality products available to many people. We should breathe new life into that ideal.”

A printed version of the Manifest, designed by Studio Joost Grootens, will be available at two locations during the Salone del Mobile in Milan (Tuesday 14 – Sunday 19 April 2015):

Z33 - Atelier Clerici. Location: Palazzo Clerici, Via Clerici 5
Design Academy Eindhoven. Location: Ventura Lambrate, corner Via G.Crespi and Via dei Canzi

# beyondthenew

For more information please contact: press@jongeriuslab.com
(at request a Dutch version of the text is available)

Hella Jongerius (NL) is an industrial designer and art director. Louise Schouwenberg (NL) is a design theorist and head of the master’s programme Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven.

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