Hella Jongerius - Jongeriuslab


Re-interpretation of the 400 Armchair for Artek

  • Year: 2014
  • Material: Several textiles, solid birch frame
  • Dimensions: Width 77 cm, depth 77 cm, height 65 cm, seat height 37 cm
  • Commission: Artek
  • Production: Artek
  • Category: Industrial production

In Hella Jongerius’ first collaboration with Artek, she has re-interpreted Alvar Aalto’s classics – products that embody simplicity. Working with Aalto’s armchairs 400 and 401 and Stool 60, Jongerius’ ambition was to soften their overall look by creating a tonal colour palette around four wood finishes. Next to the existing Artek wood finishes, silver birch and honey, Jongerius recreated two new darker tones: walnut and charcoal stain, adding depth and warmth to the collection. By introducing upholstery in more tactile fabrics, Jongerius updates the colour palette from the Aalto archives for a more diffused graphic aesthetic.

For the upholstery of armchair 400, two Jongerius textiles were selected to create a soft graphic look. Hours is a fabric inspired by sheep and the natural colour variations in their wool in different seasons and varying light conditions. Borders celebrates the beauty of fabric edges with a reference to an old tradition: small bands woven by hand are embroidered together to create larger fabrics.

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