Hella Jongerius - Jongeriuslab


Angry Animals

  • Year: 2021
  • Material: Ceramic, glaze
  • Commission: Gropius Bau
  • Production: Jongeriuslab
  • Category: Exhibition
  • Category: One-offs / experiments

In many of her works, Jongerius engages with animals and the unequal relationship humans have established with them. She believes that dismantling the prevailing hierarchy between humans, plants, animals and objects would have a healing effect. Objects have the ability to communicate the unspeakable or inexpressible. This quality makes them silent partners that become catalysts and protagonists when activated. Many of the animals in Jongerius’ works seem friendly; they are often lifelike recreations that she combines with objects, such as a table or – in the most recent series – a vase. With the Angry Animals series, Jongerius draws attention to animals’ increasingly precarious situation and criticises their objectification.

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