Hella Jongerius - Jongeriuslab



  • Year: 2019
  • Material: 37% Cotton, 35% Wool, 28% Nylon
  • Commission: Maharam, New York
  • Production: Maharam

Blocky motifs became the basis of Bander. In translating the backdrop to a textile, Bander evolved into a looser arrangement of motifs that can be used in any orientation. Irregular silhouettes are imprinted into a sparse, open ground. Materially, this textile enlisted lustrous motifs within heathered blends of fine lambswool and nylon for increased resistance to abrasion. Lambswool is a short (55mm or less) fiber derived from the first shearing of a sheep, at around six or seven months of age. Regarded for its high quality and minimal required processing, lambswool is a strong, flexible, and hypoallergenic fiber as well as the softest fleece. A nod to the shadowy installation Bander is based on, sophisticated suiting colors and understated accents offer depth and versatility.

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