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Danskina Collection 2014

  • Year: 2014
  • Material: Hand woven, wool, cotton
  • Dimensions: Various
  • Commission: Danskina
  • Production: Danskina

Lucky, by Karin An Rijlaarsdam, is constructed from a twisted cabled yarn developed exclusively for this design made from pure New Zealand wool.
Hand-knotted by skilled craftsmen from Northern India, Lucky is made by hanging loose yarns from a loop,
then two by two the warp yarns are knotted together, downwards, leaving loose cutpile fringes, which give
a charming unfinished look.
Tactile and organic, this thick, warm and durable rug suits most floors and interior styles, the knots have the appearance of small rosettes.
Karin found her inspiration for the design in Brazil.
‘I am always intrigued how rhythm and dance are deeply embedded into the culture here, connecting different generations and social layers,’ she explains. ‘One day
I found a beautiful “afoxé”, a percussion instrument handmade out of a calabash gourd wrapped in a net
of knotted rope and beads. This Afro-Brazilian instrument is often used in spiritual and activism-related music and dance performances. The afoxé became very popular in Bahia, Northern Brazil, which for me is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The knotted rope around the instrument inspired me to develop our hand-knotted design for Lucky.’
East, 63% wool, 37% cotton, also by Karin An Rijlaarsdam, finds its beauty in simplicity and in handmade imperfection and is handwoven from a single rope. After much experimentation, this pure, simple design emerged from finding a rhythm in the weaving technique. Once the warp is constructed, the rope
is woven continuously through it, both ends coming together in a lanyard knot in one corner.

Danskina was founded in the Netherlands by Piet and Ina van Eijken in 1973. Since its inception, Danskina has gained a global reputation for quality and innovation, for its revival of long-lost production methods, and for its pioneering use of colour, materials, structures and techniques. Design has always been central to the brand, having previously worked with renowned talents like Ulf Moritz, Studio Linse, Giulio Ridolfo and Cristian Zuzunaga.

As Design Director, Hella will take Danskina in a new direction, bringing a strong focus on R&D to create innovative floor coverings for both contract and residential use.

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