Hella Jongerius - Jongeriuslab


IKEA PS Jonsberg

  • Year: 2005
  • Material: Stoneware, earthenware, porcelain and bone china, glaze and various decorations
  • Dimensions: 34 x Ø 30 cm
  • Commission: IKEA, Sweden
  • Production: IKEA
  • Category: Unlimited production
  • Collection: The vase is held in a large number of musuem collections, including the Stedelijk Museum ‘s Hertogenbosch and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. It is also held in numerous private collections!

This responds to the challenge of how to pre­serve traces of the craft process within a mass-produced product. The same archetypal forms are made in four ceramic techniques and their decorations refer to specific parts of the world, the Soviet Union, Africa, Asia and Europe. This kind of timeconsuming craftsmanship is only possible at affordable prices when commissioned by manufacturers who can produce and distribute the objects in large quantities.

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