Hella Jongerius - Jongeriuslab


KLM World Business Class cabin interior – Class divider

  • Year: 2013
  • Material: 100% trevira with steamheat pleading
  • Dimensions: 2 meters long
  • Commission: KLM
  • Production: Botany Weaving Mill
  • Category: Industrial production

The divider curtain is a tricky element in the aircraft interior. Whenever the curtain is closed, it is as if something is being hidden from view. For fire safety reasons, the curtain has to fold as an Accordion and has to be made of fireproof synthetic fibre. Jongerius fashioned a novel curtain experience, using the metaphor of a bead curtain. This creates the optical effect of a half-transparent division, making the temptation and mystique of World Business Class more poetic.

With her years of weaving experience, Jongerius was able to develop a finer-quality cloth than the kind previously in use. Using the double-faced weaving technique, she made a two-sided design. On the World Business Class side is a dark bead pattern, while the Economy Class side consists of beads and stripes and has a lighter feel.

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