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  • Year: 2018
  • Material: 100 % pure New Zealand wool
  • Dimensions: Standard sizes available
  • Commission: Kvadrat and Maharam
  • Category: Industrial production
  • Category: Unlimited production

Sienna is a felted rug – a woollen aquarelle. The flocks of wool are placed on top of another colour, and create a special colour mix. To achieve the watercolour-like effect, dyed flocks of wool are pulled by hand until the colours become almost transparent. Like paint, when placed on top of a dark or light base, the flocks overlap and the different colours flood into eachother.

The wool for Sienna is hand-felted by a group of skilled women from Kathmandu. The process involves washing, soaping and dying, before the wool flocks are placed into the pattern. Many hours are then spent rolling the material by hand and foot until it is transformed into felt.

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