Hella Jongerius - Jongeriuslab


Knitted Lamp

  • Year: 1995
  • Material: Glass fibres, perspex and incandescent light bulbs
  • Dimensions: Various
  • Commission: Droog Design and Delft University of Technology
  • Production: Jongeriuslab
  • Category: One-offs / experiments
  • Collection: MoMA, New York, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, collection of the designer

Knitted glass fibres create a flexible, heat resistant socket for light bulbs. The Dry Tech projects, a collaboration between Droog Design and the Technical University Delft, have resulted in a few remar­kable designs by so-called ‘author’ designers. In most cases, these designers did not receive their design education at a technical university, but at an art academy. They base their designs primarily on interests and personal ideas. In Knitted Lamp, Jongerius pushes the boundaries of the use of glass fibres.

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