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  • Year: 2022
  • Material: 55% Cotton, 22% Solution-Dyed Nylon, 15% Linen, 8% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester
  • Commission: Maharam, New York
  • Production: Maharam
  • Category: Industrial production

Building on our earlier work with ceramic glaze, Washi transposes layers of translucent color to woven form. Collages made from hand-cut colored film were the basis for the design.

In translating the artwork to upholstery, the Maharam Design Studio embraced the challenge of creating a variety of tones with a limited selection of yarns. Using intricate blending techniques across both light and dark warps and iterative weft colors, Washi brings forth a multiplicity of values that add dimension. Highlighting the interest in tactility, irregular linen grounds—offered in three light and three dark colors—lend subtle texture in combination with lustrous motifs of earthy brown, copper, olive, iris, grass, and citrus.

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