Hella Jongerius - Jongeriuslab


Danskina Collection 2015

  • Year: 2015
  • Material: 100% new wool
  • Dimensions: Maximum size including edges and fringes: 400cm×1000cm
  • Commission: Danskina
  • Production: Danskina
  • Category: Industrial production

Jongerius finds it important to train young talent and introduce them to the potential of serial production and industry. For Danskina she asked Daniel Costa to design a carpet for the collection.
“Daniel is a talented designer who has a great and original handwriting, an eye for the tactile and a poetic way of expressing his ideas,” she says. “I would like to inspire new designers in the magic world of yarns and fibres.”

Fringe by Daniel Costa is constructed by weaving brightly coloured wool yarns with two different shades of grey – a charcoal and a lighter smoke colour. The result is by turns bold and understated, as the primary colours fuse into monochromatic blocks.
The raw grey tones are evident at the edge of the design in a tactile, long fringe, which gives the rug its name.

Further, two new rugs were designed by Jongeriuslab: Dew and Argali.

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